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4 Items That Should Be In Your Employee Safety Policy

4 Items that should be in your Employee Safety Policy document

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No matter what the level of risk might be at your place of business, all employers should strive to keep employees safe and injury-free at all times. While this certainly may be accomplished by hiring respectful employees and taking practical measures in terms of office layout and atmosphere, it’s also important to have an effective safety policy.

This type of document can truly bring benefits to the employer and employees when it comes to achieving the company’s goals.

Here are 4 key items that should be addressed in a safety policy:

  • The company’s clear mission in regards to safety: Many accidents often occur when an employee “just wasn’t thinking”. To help ensure that they have the company’s goals simplified and clearly in their mind at all times, it’s important to define your key objective. This should be as simple as “Our Company wants to ensure that our employees and clients remain safe and injury-free at all times”.
  • The employee’s daily responsibilities: Clearly identify what actions an employee should take to do their part in contribution to a safe environment. This may include mentioning that they should “refrain from horseplay and careless behavior” and also “keep their work areas clean and clutter-free”.
  • The course of action when accidents occur: Even when everyone has the best intentions, accidents will occur. The safety policy should clearly identify what the employee should do when these times arise. The necessary steps — notifying a supervisor or HR, seeking medical attention, filing a report, etc. — should be outlined.
  • The disciplinary consequences: While we may hope that all of our employees would follow these procedures, we need to be prepared to address any that fail to do so. Within your safety policy, make sure to mention that those who fail to comply will be subject to disciplinary action.

Free Resource: Sample Safety Policy

We hope that you find these items helpful as you seek to maintain a safe and productive environment at your business.

To assist your company in those efforts, we’re happy to provide a free Sample Employee Safety Policy! Simply fill out the form below to download your copy.

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