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4 Benefits of Promoting Workplace Wellness Programs

With springtime in full bloom here in New England, the warmer weather has caused many companies to think about their workplace wellness efforts.

Here are 4 key benefits that your company may receive as a result of promoting Workplace Wellness Programs --- via CBG Benefits.To help you successfully address some of the concerns that may be raised as you seek to promote a formal wellness program, here are 4 benefits that you can promote:

  • Wellness programs help control costs:  As healthcare costs continue to rise, it’s important that companies strategically targeting that expense. A wellness program can play a significant role in that effort, as an investment in your employees’ health may lower health care costs or slow the cost increases. Also, by encouraging employees to make lifestyle changes, a wellness program may help to reduce risk factors and help employees remain healthy.
  • Healthier employees may miss less work and be more productive: Research shows that workplaces with wellness programs have employees who are more productive at work. For example, with healthier employees on board, it may mean that fewer sick days are used. Also, a motivated employee may be able to encourage their family members to make better wellness-related choices, which could help to reduce the amount of time needed to miss work to care for ill family members. Reduced absenteeism can yield significant cost savings and return on your wellness investment.
  • Wellness programs can reduce workers’ compensation and disability costs: There are many steps that companies can take to lower the chance of a workplace injury or illness or a disability. One such way is by helping to improve the health of its current employees. By reducing the the time spent recruiting and training a new worker while an employee is out of work for health reasons, a company may experience significant cost-savings.
  • Wellness can improve recruiting and retention efforts: As companies seek to achieve their recruiting goals, it’s important that potential hires view the company as truly caring about each employee. A workplace wellness program can certainly help to do that, as it expresses a commitment to your employees’ health. Not only can this help you attract top talent, but it can also improve employee morale and strengthen retention.

I hope that you find these points helpful as you seek to make the case for Workplace Wellness Programs inside your organization!

To learn how CBG Benefits can help reduce the time and resources needed to do this successfully, please call us at 781-759-1222 or leave a message via our online contact form.


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