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4 Ways to Improve Your Company’s Team-Building Activities

Here are four tips to help your company improve its team-building activities --- via CBG Benefits.Whether your company is a growing startup or an established mid to large-size business, the importance of bringing employees together and giving them a strong sense of direction for the future is a critical step.

One way that companies try to do that regularly is through team-building activities. To ensure that your efforts in that regard truly help your business achieve its goals, here are 4 tips that may help:

  • Define objectives and expectations: For team-building activities to truly contribute to the success of your business, a set of clearly defined objectives and expectations should be established at the beginning. This should be done during the planning stages, as it will help guide the selection of activities that align with company goals.
  • Help employees see the value: While some employees will jump at nearly any excuse to get away from their daily routine, others may potentially view these types of activities as a waste of their time. Companies should be proactive in clearly communicating and promoting the benefit and corporate goals of team-building activities upfront. Also, they may want to help employees see how these team-building activities may result in concepts that can be applied to their daily work.
  • Evaluate activities and adapt as needed: As organizations grow and demographics change, it’s important to review the usefulness of certain types of activities. Also, through employee surveys and by talking to managers, companies may identify key changes and ideas that may be incorporated in future activities.
  • Include follow-up communications: To truly capitalize on the potential value of a team-building activity, it’s important to follow-up after the event. It may help to recap how the activity related to the daily work that employees need to do. Also, if organizational needs were discussed during the activity, it’s important to provide updates on how those may be addressed. If you fail to follow-up, it may harm employee morale and downgrade the importance of the activity.

I hope that you find these tips helpful as you look for ways to strengthen your organization.


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