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5 Ways to Improve Your Employee Presentations

As an employer, presenting to your employees is not always an easy task.

Occasionally, you need to deliver messages that may not be immediately well-received (perhaps regarding new corporate policies or changes in your Benefits program). Also, any distractions that are on an employee’s mind during the presentation — whether it’s about their current to-do list or simply by the urge to check Facebook during the meeting — may have a negative impact.

As a result, employers need to take steps to ensure that they are always improving their presentation skills.

In the video below, Dr. Susan Weinschenk shares 5 of her favorite things every presenter should know about the psychology of their audience:

Ready to Improve Your Employee Communications?

I hope that you find those 5 tips helpful as you seek to improve your employee engagement efforts.

At CBG Benefits, we offer a variety of services that can help your HR Communications. This includes online video presentations, employee surveys, intranets and portals, and more.

To learn how you can take advantage of these services, please contact the CBG team today!

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