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6 Activity Suggestions for Your Company’s Wellness Fair

Here are 6 activity suggestions to help make your company's Wellness Fair a success --- via CBG Benefits.This summer, we have helped a number of clients plan their annual Company Workplace Wellness Fairs. While these events can deliver results in a variety of areas — including benefits education, wellness promotion, awareness of health services, team-building, and more — they do require creativity and preparation to be successful.

If you are thinking of planning of a Wellness Fair for your company, here are 6 activity suggestions that may truly benefit your employees:

  • Physical Fitness: Extend an invitation to nearby health clubs to participate in the Fair. They may be willing to provide free, brief instructions of some of their most popular exercise courses, including aerobics, yoga, Pilates, personal training, etc. You may also want to contact a local personal trainer or physical therapist that could discuss items such as buying the right fitness equipment and how to find a target heart rate.
  • Healthy at Home: Dedicate a booth within the Wellness Fair that will focus on home health care best practices. You could display medicines, supplies, and information about what should be kept in the home. By reaching out to local pharmacies, you may be able to secure samples of thermometers, cold packs, bandages, etc.
  • Nutrition and Eating Healthy: Reach out to local restaurants, food trucks, grocery stores, and other vendors that focus on providing healthy eating options. In addition to providing food samples, these types of companies may be able to share practical education on the topic of nutrition.
  • Back Health: If there is a local chiropractor in your area, they may have an interest in exhibiting at the Fair. For example, their table could be used to show a display of a backbone and discuss the importance of healthy posture as a way to promote back health.
  • Children’s Health: If there are many parents within your employee population, you may want to present programs on how to care for a child with a fever, preventing the flu and ear infections, and more.
  • Managing Health Care: A Wellness Fair provides a tremendous opportunity for the Human Resources department to help employees better understand their benefits program options. In addition, they can take this time to share information on how to select a doctor, how to be more proactive in making health care decisions, and how to cut health care costs more effectively.

I hope that you find these suggestions helpful as you seek to put on a successful Wellness Fair for your company.

If you have any questions, or if you’d like to learn how CBG Benefits can help your company in this area, please contact our team today.


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