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6 Workplace Wellness Program Ideas for Smaller Companies

6 Workplace Wellness Program Ideas for Smaller Companies --- via CBG BenefitsIs your company too small to have a Workplace Wellness Program?

While a lack of time and resources may limit what you can accomplish, there are resulting benefits that can apply to companies of all sizes. Those benefits may include improving company morale, increasing workplace productivity, and assisting your employee recruitment and retention efforts.

But how exactly can a small company launch and implement a Workplace Wellness Program? While there is no one-size-fits-all answer, here are 6 ideas that may help your business:

  • Ask your broker if your health insurance carrier offers free health risk assessments or discounts on wellness-related items (including fitness center reimbursements, discounts on fitness-related merchandise, etc.)
  • Ask a local hospital, non-profit organization, or other health care provider to come and provide presentations to your employees. Topics may include living healthy lifestyles, mindfulness, stress management, nutrition, and more.
  • Create a small wellness committee that consists of various employees to lead the effort. These employees can help set up and promote simple activities, such as healthy eating days and lunchtime walks.
  • If possible, offer on-site flu shots for free or at a reduced cost; if that is not an option, provide education and encouragement to help employees easily take advantage of local facilities that offer flu shots.
  • Provide breaks during the day for your employees to engage in physical activity. At a small business, employees may feel strapped for time and hesitate to take advantage of this — be sure that members of the management team lead by example and demonstrate that health and wellness is a priority. It may be helpful to share walking maps of routes that are close by to the office. Also, small items such as encouraging employees to take the stairs instead of the elevator can help.
  • Provide educational materials about the benefits of healthy eating, exercising, not smoking, and other lifestyle changes. At CBG Benefits, we provide our clients with resources such as the “Live Well, Work Well” newsletter along with posters, emails, flyers, and other communications to support their efforts. We also provide access to an online portal that clients can customize and use to promote their Workplace Wellness Program efforts.

I hope that you find these ideas helpful.

To learn how CBG Benefits can help your organization achieve its goals regarding health and wellness, please contact us at 781-759-1222 or via email at info@CBGBenefits.com.


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