CBG Benefits

How CBG Benefits Can Help You

How CBG Benefits Can Help You

At CBG Benefits, we offer a variety of integrated services that will help your organization reach its goals.

Below are some of the key ways that we can help.

Carrier Analysis/Situation Analysis

You face many employee benefit challenges, including internal resources, time management, employee education, compliance with federal and state legislation, trend increases, pharmacy costs and increased litigation activity. This demanding environment dictates a change in the way you purchase and manage your insurance programs.

In order to compete in your marketplace you must adopt a total cost of employee benefits management philosophy based on data-driven decisions and globally positioned communications.

We specialize in evaluating, negotiating with, and recommending insurers and providers to our clients, and we employ rigorous selection criteria and performance objectives when considering a vendor.

Plan Implementation

Securing the best insurance package for your business begins with planning. Analyzing all your risks is critical to successful implementation of your employer group benefits.

CBG Benefits Group Inc. will partner with you by providing ongoing assistance, consultation and service that will help you control your insurance expenses, choose the best plan to fit your company’s needs and promote health care consumerism.

Data Analysis

Data analysis allows you to manage and reduce your claims activity. By analyzing your losses with a sophisticated data analysis tool, we can help you develop cost containment strategies and employee communication campaigns that will target areas with the highest potential to reduce high-dollar claims and high utilization.


Understanding the increased complexity of employee benefits is a challenge. Staying abreast of the issues you face and developing strategies to meet the constant demands of business can give you a competitive edge.

CBG Benefits’ communication programs will help you stay on top of the changes affecting the employee benefits industry. We offer helpful content in a variety of formats, including email newsletters, posters, flyers, webinars, presentations, and more.

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Strategic Planning

We recommend that our clients make employee benefits management a strategic initiative. By defining objectives and developing an action plan based on meeting those objectives, we ensure an organized, comprehensive approach to fulfilling your benefits needs.

Our careful strategic planning services include ongoing evaluation of all your plan’s characteristics, such as access, service and price, to ensure a proper balance is achieved. Strategic planning also shields your plan from becoming obsolete as new trends and market factors emerge, and can help with budgeting and long-term cost management.

Professional Employee Benefit Management

The three core principles we utilize to service and manage your employee benefits plans are extremely important to our success. We provide professional value-added services that are based on strategic planning, five-star service and cutting-edge technology.

CBG Benefits Group Inc. uses three core principles to manage your employee benefits plans: