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HealthCare Benefits Trust

CBG Benefits has partnered with the HealthCare Benefits Trust to offer plans that are tailored to hospitals, healthcare systems, and other healthcare providers.CBG Benefits is proud to bring businesses an opportunity to reduce the annual cost of group life and disability insurance by an average of 25%. These savings are made possible through our partnership with the HealthCare Benefits Trust.

What is the Trust

The HealthCare Benefits Trust was established more than 35 years ago. It offers proprietary Disability and Life plan designs, pricing, and services. The Trust provides benefits to over 200,000 employees nationwide. In addition to delivering significant cost-savings, the plan designs reflect the needs of companies in the Healthcare, Life Sciences, and Technology industries.

How the Trust Benefits Your Company

Here are a few of the key benefits we can extend to your organization:

  • Economy of Scale: Lower costs, greater leverage, better outcomes
  • Industry Expertise: Innovative solutions, more efficient programs, industry-specific knowledge
  • Proprietary Plans: More relevant benefits, healthcare-specific plan designs

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Real Financial Savings

To properly illustrate how the HealthCare Benefits Trust can truly deliver financial savings to your organization, we invite you to spend some time with the following resources.

Use our Online Calculator to see potential savings on Group Life and Disability costs.

Online Calculator
We have created an interactive, online calculator that enables you see the potential savings your company may be able to achieve.


View Case Studies of companies that have saved money on Group Life and Disability costs.

Case Studies
We have published multiple case studies that illustrate how hospitals with unique circumstances were able to benefit from analysis and changes to their Group Life and Disability programs.


View a Video Presentation that explains how your company can reduce its Group Life and Disability costs.

Video Presentation
We have developed a dynamic and interview video presentation that illustrates exactly how this solution can deliver results for your business.


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