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Are Employees Happy with Your Company’s Benefits Program?

Are employees happy with your company's employee benefits program? CBG Benefits can help you to measure and succeed in that regard.How happy are your employees with the current benefits being offered by your organization?

According to a recent study by Unum, “employee ratings of their workplaces and benefits packages are at their lowest levels since 2008.”

In addition, only 33 percent of employees rated the benefits education they received in the past year as excellent or very good.

Is your company facing a similar situation? Here are a few practical ways that you can measure and improve satisfaction with your employee benefits program:

  • Conduct an Employee Survey and Share the Feedback with the Team: Collecting feedback through online-based employee surveys is easier than ever. However, for surveys to truly deliver value to your organization, companies must ask the right questions and be willing to share the results and corresponding follow-up plan with their team. While each company is unique, we have been able to help many clients to launch brief, focused surveys throughout the year that help employers measure employee satisfaction levels across a variety of topics, including benefits.
  • Create Dynamic and Interactive Employee Benefits-related Communications: To capture the attention of your employees, you may want to take a multi-channel approach to the educational materials that you deliver. While some may still prefer the hardcopy versions of Benefit Guides, some employees may prefer online content, including videos. Many of our clients have successfully used video presentations, which combine slides, images, animations, video clips, voiceovers, and other elements.
  • Utilize Online and Mobile Technology for Open Enrollment and On-Going Support: Some employers have been able to improve employee communication and satisfaction regarding benefits by utilizing online, mobile-friendly tools. Along with reducing paperwork during Open Enrollment, these solutions often make it easier for employees and their families to truly understand the benefit plans being offered to them. In addition, integrated, mobile tools such as a Health Concierge service make it easier for employees to deal with claims issues throughout the year, and built-in Wellness programs help them to achieve their health and fitness goals. (Learn more about one such solution here >>)
  • Research Alternative Benefit Programs and Plan Options: Depending on your employee demographics, their needs, and your company’s goals and objectives, you may find that creative and alternative benefit plan options may deliver results. For example, consumer-directed health plans with Health Savings Accounts have grown in popularity recently. Also, interest in voluntary benefits has been increasing, as companies are finding ways to deliver tailored benefits that truly meet the needs of their employees.

How Your Company Can Increase Employee Satisfaction

I hope that you find the strategies and tips listed above helpful as you seek to assess your employee benefits program. This certainly is a critical issue, as it impacts everything from employee recruitment to employee retention, and more.

Would you like to learn how CBG Benefits can help you achieve your benefits-related goals? Please give us a call at 781-759-1222 or email us at info@CBGBenefits.com. We look forward to helping you!


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