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Can Social Media Encourage Healthy Eating Habits?

Can social media help to encourage healthy eating habits among your employees?

Image courtesy of zirconicusso / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

There is no doubt that social media is having a dramatic impact on the way we live and work. This is true in the world of Human Resources, too.

Many HR professionals¬†are turning to social media for use in their job recruiting efforts. It’s also being used to connect with and learn from others in the HR world.

But, could social media also assist an HR professional when it comes to their company’s workplace wellness program?

I recently stumbled upon a video via Memeburn that seems to answer “yes” to that question.

The article, entitled “5 videos of killer emerging market health and wellness startups”, highlighted a number of creative ideas that could push the health and wellness industries forward.

There was one that particularly caught my attention.

The Virtual Fridge Lock

Yes, this idea may seem to be a bit silly. But due to its creativity in how it merges the offline and online worlds, I felt like it was worth sharing.

Yep, I must admit — I think the Virtual Fridge Lock could help me with my own wellness efforts!

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