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CBG Benefits Sponsoring the Motif #1 5K; Teaming up with East Boston Neighborhood Health Center to Address Childhood Obesity

CBG Benefits is happy to once again be sponsoring the Motify #1 5K event and to be teaming up with East Boston Neighborhood Health Center to bring participants from their Let's Get Movin' program to the race.For the 2nd year in a row, CBG Benefits is proud to be a sponsor of the Motif #1 5K race. The event, which is being held in Rockport, Massachusetts, will take place on May 16th, 2015 at 9:00 a.m.

In addition, we will once again be teaming up with East Boston Neighborhood Health Center to enable members of their Let’s Get Movin’ program to take part in the race.

What is the Motif #1 5K?

The Motif #1 5K race was born from the desire to get the students and community of Rockport more involved in health and wellness activities. Last year, the money raised went to items such as:

  • Planting trees to shade some of their classrooms
  • A new water fountain with the capability to fill a water bottle
  • Hydroponics planting system for their science room
  • Purchasing 35 pairs of snowshoes for their physical education classes to use during the winter

Please click here to learn more and to register for the race >>

Collaboration with East Boston Neighborhood Health Center

The Let’s Get Movin’ program at East Boston Neighborhood Heath Center is a lifestyle-change program for children and teens that promotes physical activity, teaches proper nutrition, and helps young people make healthier lifestyle choices.

To ensure that the children (and their parents) within the Let’s Get Movin’ program can participate in this race, CBG Benefits is proud to cover the cost of entry fees and transportation.

Hope to See You There

We look forward to once again being able to participate and contribute to this great event.

For more information on the Motif #1 5K, please click here.

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