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Checklist: How to Create Effective Job Postings

Would your company like to improve its employee recruitment efforts, specifically when it comes to its job postings?

If so, you’ll certainly want to review and benchmark items such as the salary and employee benefits that are listed. But there is much more that goes into an effective job posting.

To help companies receive a better return on their investment of time and money when it comes to employee recruitment, we’re happy to share the checklist below.

The checklist, which was published by The New Talent Times on the Software Advice blog, highlights 7 key areas that employers may want to focus on when it comes to crafting an effective job post:

Free Checklist: 7 key areas for employers to focus on when crafting their job postings

Read the rest of the post in Software Advice‘s article “A Checklist for Creating Effective Job Postings.”


I hope that you find this checklist helpful as you seek to improve the results of your company’s employee recruitment efforts.

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