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Company Culture: Lessons from Zappos

Learn how to improve your company's culture with these tips from Zappos CEO --- via CBG Benefits.When it comes to the topic of company culture, Zappos has certainly proven to be a leader in that regard.

To help your company gain inspiration from the success that they have had, I’m happy to share the video below.

In just under four minutes, Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh highlights a few critical points regarding company culture:

I hope that you find that video beneficial! Here were three of the key points that stood out to me:

  • As a company grows (in terms of employee count, product launches, etc.), the culture often shifts — and not always for the positive. Business leaders must be prepared to address the challenges that will occur to an established culture during times of growth.
  • Building a strong company culture is not just a “feel-good” effort — it can help a business out-perform their competition
  • In order for a company to succeed when it comes to building a strong culture, values must be clearly defined and the workings of the company must be aligned properly.

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