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Connecting Employee Benefits and Satisfaction

Do your employees love their job? Your Employee Benefits Program may play a big role in their satisfaction levels.

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Do you know how satisfied your employees currently are? While there are a variety of ways that you might measure satisfaction, one point to look at may be in your referral data.

Are your employees proactively or willingly referring your company to others? The answer to that question may shed some light on your existing employee satisfaction levels.

Survey Says…

According to a recent study that was released by MetLife, only two out of five U.S. workers would strongly recommend their employer as a “great place to work.” While that result may certainly generate concern among employers, the study also provided additional data that is worth digging into.

In regards to the employees that would positively recommend their employer, the majority reported that the company’s Employee Benefits program plays a role in their satisfaction levels.

In fact, the MetLife study indicated that 3 out of 5 employees who would strongly recommend their employer report benefits are an important reason why they remain with the company.

Improving Your Benefits Program

Would you like more of your employees to feel that your organization is a “great place to work”? There are a number of ways that CBG Benefits can help you to accomplish that. This might include items such as:

To learn how we can help your company achieve its goals in those areas, please contact our team today.


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