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Could Offering Vision Insurance Reduce Your Healthcare Costs?

Could offering vision insurance as an employee benefit help your company reduce healthcare costs? Contact CBG Benefits to learn more.According to a new study released by the HCMS Group, employers may be able to save money on healthcare costs by offering vision insurance an employee benefit.

Here are two statistics from an article summary of the study that may catch your attention:

  • For every $1  invested in an eye exam, employers will get a $1.45 return because of lower overall health care costs, improved productivity and lower turnover.
  • Chronic conditions that are uncovered as a result of an eye exam typically require less medication to manage their condition; also, employees in that situation were 26.5% less likely to require emergency room visits or hospital care than patients whose conditions were revealed by other means

Could your company experience similar benefits by adding vision insurance to its employee benefits plan?

We’d be happy to highlight funding and implementation options, employee communication tools to promote vision insurance, and other resources that could help you implement a vision plan successfully.

Please contact the CBG Benefits team to learn more.


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