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Tip: Find Answers in CBGconnect’s Community Forum

In the world of Human Resources, there truly is a tremendous sense of community. This is seen in the way many freely give of their time and in how they share information. That may occur on channels such as Twitter, in user-groups, at conferences, and via other channels.

One of those other channels includes the online Community Forum that our customers access in the CBGconnect portal.

What is the Community Forum?

The online Community Forum in CBGconnect enables HR professionals to instantly connect with hundreds of thousands of knowledgeable colleagues from across the country. The forum provides tools that enable them to post their questions, and also browse through the answers that are being provided to questions from others.

But because this forum is so active, some may find it hard to locate answers to topics that they are looking for more information on.

Here are two ways that you can do that successfully.

Use the Search Feature

The “Search” feature built into the CBGconnect portal enables users to easily look for forum conversations regarding specific topics.

Below is a screenshot of the search options:

CBGconnect Portal: Use the Search feature to find conversations about specific topics in the Community Forum.

Along with being able to search for specific keywords, users can also narrow down their results based on when the conversation took place in the forum. This can be very beneficial for users that are looking for discussions around newly released regulations for existing laws.

Browse by Category

Another way to better find discussions in the forum that will help you find what you are looking for is to use the Category options on the left-side of the online forum.

Simply clicking on a category will present you with only the discussions that fall under that bucket.

Here is a screenshot of this feature:

CBGconnect: Browse the Community Forum by selecting a topic

Additional Information

I hope that you find these features helpful as you seek to find answers to your questions regarding HR best practices, compliance, benefit plan design, health care reform, and a whole lot more!

Please contact our team for more information about the CBGconnect portal!

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