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FMLA-ADA Violation That May Catch Your Attention

$4.85 million. Yep, that’s the figure that absolutely caught my attention as I came across this story recently.

Gavel image via Compfight: https://www.flickr.com/photos/79145585@N00/383476178/That dollar amount is what Interstate Distributor Company will have to pay to settle a nationwide class disability discrimination lawsuit. The suit said that the company’s maximum leave policy unlawfully denied reasonable accommodations and resulted in hundreds of employees being of fired. The company’s policies in this regard violated the Americans with Disabilities Act.

To learn more about this suit and the resolution, please read the full article on U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s website.

How Should This Impact Other Employers

After seeing a story such as this one, employers certainly may want to review their current policies.

In fact, this quote from EEOC’s press release sums it up nicely: “This settlement demonstrates the need for employers to have attendance policies which take into account the need for paid or unpaid leave as a reasonable accommodation for employees with disabilities.”

To assist you in that effort, we are happy to make available a resource that answers many important questions about the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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