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Health Care Reform Delay: Limit on Out-of-Pocket Costs

Health Care Reform: News Alert from CBG Benefits

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Another important component of the Affordable Care Act has been delayed. As the New York Times first reported, full implementation of a law that would limit out-of-pocket costs has been delayed until 2015.

As part of Health Care Reform, out-of-pocket costs, including co-payments and deductibles, would not exceed $6,350 for an individual and $12,700 for a family. However, as a result of the delay, some insurers will be able to set higher limits in 2014.

According to the report, computer systems integration issues are a primary reason for the delay. For example, businesses that are using multiple systems to administer medical coverage and drug benefits are claiming that it is difficult to track all of the out-of-pocket costs that an individual incurs.

Thus, companies that are using multiple systems have been granted the one-year extension.

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