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How Does Your Company Compare? Download the 2015 Paid Time Off (PTO) Benchmarking Survey

Click here to download the 2015 Paid Time Off Benefits Benchmarking Survey Results from CBG Benefits todayWhile not all employers are legally obligated to provide paid vacation, it has become a common business practice to do so. In addition, some states — including Massachusetts — now have laws that mandate certain types of paid time off, such as sick time.

Regardless, most employers must offer at least some amount and type of paid time off in order to remain competitive when it comes to employee recruitment and retention.

To help your company assess its paid time off policy, we are happy to share the “2015 Paid Time Off Benefits Benchmarking Survey Results“. A total of 2,192 respondents completed this survey, which inquired about vacation time, sick time, personal days, PTO banks and holidays.

Please click here to download your copy of the survey results today >>


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