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How East Boston Neighborhood Health Center is Using Technology to Improve Healthcare

Over the years, I have had the privilege of working with East Boston Neighborhood Health Center (EBNHC) as they seek to provide the best benefit plans possible to their employees.

Learn how East Boston Neighborhood Health Center is using technology to improve healthcare in the community it serves.Thus, while I may be a bit biased in regards to the story that I am about to share, I do think that you’ll enjoy it as well — especially if you are interested in technology, healthcare, and community.

The story that caught my attention was published by the East Boston Times-Free Press. Entitled “On the Cutting Edge: Latest Technology Available at EBNHC“, the story highlights a number of ways they are using technology to improve and streamline the patient experience.

I encourage you to take a moment to read the full article, which features a number of great quotes from Manny Lopes, CEO of EBNHC. Here are a few highlights that stood out to me:

  • My Chart App: This is a mobile app that makes it easier for patients to access test results and forms, communicate with their doctor, receive text alerts when prescriptions are ready, and more.
  • Prescriptions and Robotic Technology: To ensure that accuracy levels remain high above industry norms, EBNHC is using robotic technology to reduce errors and support their skilled staff.
  • Monitoring Technology for Waiting Rooms: With EBNHC’s emergency room being one of the top five busiest in the city, they have adopted new monitoring systems to ensure that waiting times are kept to a minimum.

Of course, these are just a few ways that EBNHC is using technology to improve healthcare and to serve its community! Please join me in congratulating them for a job well done!

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