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Ideas to Improve Employee Engagement: Thoughts from a MassTLC Seminar

Ideas to improve employee engagement and build company culture: Thoughts from a MassTLC seminar via CBG Benefits.When it comes to engaging your company’s employees, do you know which efforts deliver the most value?

Is it your employee benefits program? Your vacation policy? Your team-building outings?

At the MassTLC Workforce Development Seminar on February 7th, one thing was made quite clear: There is not a one-size-fits-all solution regarding employee engagement. Also, companies must always be alert to the changing needs of their workforce, because whatever contributed positively to your recruitment and retention efforts last year may not necessarily work going forward.

Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

The seminar featured three panelists that shared unique ideas and lessons learned from their attempts at building company culture and improving engagement. The panelists included Kristen Kenny, Director of People Operations at HubSpot, Megan Anatole, Sr. Director of HR and Brightcove and Peter Dube, Director of Executive Talent Acquisition at Philips.

MassTLC published an excellent recap of the event here. Here are a few of the highlights that stood out to me:

  • Employee surveys can deliver big results – as long as the data is truly put to use: While many companies may occasionally create and and distribute employee surveys, their true value is often only realized when employers block off significant time to review, analyze, and act on the results. One of the panelists discussed how they bring “hot” issues to the company’s senior management team early on in the survey review process. In addition, it’s critical to follow-up with employees after the survey by presenting a summary of the key findings along with the actions that are being taken to address areas that need improvement.It was quite powerful to see how one panelist displayed the results of their employee surveys over the past few years. This chart clearly showed that the employer consistently has taken action on the top issues throughout the years.
  • Get creative when it comes to Employee Development: In a startup environment, companies may have the ability to promote employees to new positions much more actively and regularly. However, as the company grows, that may no longer be the case. The panelists highlighted how critical it is to adapt in these situations, and to creatively find ways to show employees that you still support their development and recognize their accomplishments. A couple of the ideas mentioned included a Peer Bonus program, free books, “hack weeks”, and more.
  • Benefit plans and programs are critical: While creative perks absolutely offer value, a competitive employee benefits package is critical to the success of a growing company. The panelists discussed the importance of surveying employees to identify which benefit options truly meet the  needs of their workforce.
  • Yes, free food and vacation time contribute to happiness, to a point: Without a doubt, one of the most buzzed about points from the event was how two of the panelists offer an unlimited vacation time policy. They both also spend a significant portion of their budget on providing free food to their employees. However, caution was provided in both of those cases: both panelists found that as opposed to being overused, the unlimited vacation policy led to some employees not taking enough vacation time — or any at all. Also, while food-focused events can bring together a team, companies need a way to balance popular junk food options with their goals to have a healthy workforce.

Ready to Improve Engagement at your Business?

Those are just a few of the key points that stood out to me from the MassTLC seminar. If you’d like help identifying creative ways that your company may be able to improve employee engagement, please contact a member of the CBG Benefits team at 877-332-6387.

You may also drop us a note via our online contact form.

Whether it’s free food, better benefits, or improved communications, we are ready to help!


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