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Improve Retention by Focusing on Employee Benefits

Learn how to improve your employee's attachment and view of your company by focusing on Employee Benefits --- via CBG Benefits.

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On a daily basis, a Human Resources department may take a number of actions that could impact an employee’s attachment to the company. This may include everything from policies, to corporate events, to incentive programs.

But another major factor in producing happy, satisfied employees is the Employee Benefits package.

In fact, in a recent article on the Blogging4Jobs website, Stephanie Hammerwold highlighted how focusing on employee benefits and incentives can truly help to improve the reputation of a company’s HR department.

4 Ways to Focus on Employee Benefits

Depending on your company’s circumstances, there are a number of options for improving your employee benefits program. Here are four ways that your company can focus on that area:

  • Conduct a benefit program opportunity assessment: The world of benefits and insurance has changed quite dramatically in the last few years. Data is more available than ever before, and then are alternative funding mechanisms. By having an opportunity assessment conducted on your benefits program, you may be able to identify problem areas and solutions that may reduce costs and improve your benefit plans.
  • Distribute an employee survey: While an opportunity assessment/audit will certainly help to refine your benefit plan options, it’s critical that you collect feedback from employees. A survey can help you to identify which current options may not be fully understood by employees, along with which new options you may want to consider offering.
  • Increase benefits education: While we may hope that employees are reading all of the information handed out during annual open enrollment meetings, it’s important for companies to share information about Benefit Programs all year-round. This information should also be distributed in a variety of formats, including videos, presentations, and more.
  • Offer voluntary benefits: By offering voluntary benefit options that appeal to a different groups within your workforce — including life insurance, vision insurance, pet insurance, and more — you may be able to increase satisfaction and peace-of-mind within your employees.

Additional Information

These are just a few of the ways that companies can improve their employee benefits program to increase employee satisfaction and retention.

For additional ideas, or to discuss how your company can implement any of the ones listed in this article, please contact the CBG Benefits team at 877-332-6387.

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