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Infographic: The Impact of the Millennial Generation

As you look ahead to the trends that may impact your business in 2014, one area that warrants attention is highlighted in the infographic below: the rise of the millennials.

The millennial generation may require you to take another look at your efforts in employee recruiting and retention, performance management, policies regarding mobile technology and social media, employee benefit programs, onboarding, and more.

Thank you to the people at Badgeville for taking the time to put together this infographic. I hope that you find it beneficial as you seek to develop a better understanding of the millenial generation and the potential impact on your business.

Rise of the Millennials Infographic by Badgeville, The Gamification Platform

Infographic Source: https://badgeville.com/2013/12/18/infographic-the-rise-of-the-millennials

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