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Massachusetts Marijuana Laws and Employer Drug Policies

How will Massachusetts employers be impacted by the new medical marijuana laws? Find out in this article from CBG Benefits.

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As Massachusetts moves forward with implementation of the voter-approved medical marijuana law, employers are starting to wonder how this law will impact them. At CBG Benefits, we have heard questions from clients such as “Will we need to make special accommodations for employees that receive a Medical Marijuana card?” and “Will we need to change our workplace drug policy?

A recent article in the Boston Business Journal provided insight in this matter. If you have a moment, I certainly encourage you to read the full article.

Here are a few of the key points that stood out to me:

  • Current employer policies do not need to change: Many employers have drug policies that may be based on federal laws. In the case of marijuana, many companies will fire employees that test positive for the drug. For now, the new law in Massachusetts for medical marijuana does not override those policies.
  • Some states have implemented exceptions: Employers in Massachusetts should at least be aware of potential changes down the road. A number of states that have implemented policies that prevent discrimination against medical marijuana patients.
  • Clear communication is critical: No matter what employers decide to do, it’s important that they clearly communicate their policies to employees. If they fail to properly educate their employees, they run the risk of dealing with confusion and claims.

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Click here to read the full article in the BBJ >>


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