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Measuring and Improving Health Care Literacy: New Tools for Employers

All clients are encouraged to download and utilize the Health Care Literacy Tools and Report from CBG Benefits via the CBGconnect portal.As part of the benefits communication services we provide to our clients, we are pleased to announce the availability of a new tool that may help employers measure and improve health care literacy.

This tool may be especially helpful for employers that have chosen to self-fund their plans as well as those that have (or would like to implement) high-deductible health plans.

  • The core component of this new tool is the Health Care Literacy Scorecard. The scorecard is designed to be delivered to employees to gauge their awareness and understanding regarding the insurance plans that are offered to them. For example, it includes questions that deal with common health care terms (such as “deductible” and “coinsurance”). But it also deals with more complicated topics such as the billing process for health care services. Finally, it asks questions that seek to gauge someone’s satisfaction level with their benefits.
  • The second component of this tool is the Health Care Literacy Report. This interactive report is designed to utilize data from the scorecards to help determine your company’s overall well-being regarding health care literacy. In addition, the tool highlights a number of communication resources and strategies that your company can use to address areas that may need improvement. This includes tools such as:
    • “Benefits 101” Guides
    • Introductory Videos about Health Savings Accounts
    • Employee Educational PowerPoint Presentations
    • And more…

How to Use the Health Care Literacy Tools

All clients may now login to the CBGconnect portal to download the Health Care Literacy Scorecard and the Health Care Literacy Report.

If you need help retrieving your login information for CBGconnect, or if you would like to receive these tools via email, please contact our team at 781-759-1222 or via email at info@CBGBenefits.com.

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