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New Hampshire Employment Law Update: Equal Pay Law: January 2015

January 2015 Compliance Alert for New Hampshire Employers from CBG Beneifts: Download and post the Equal Pay Law poster todayEffective January 1, 2015, most employers in New Hampshire will need to comply with new amendments that have been made to the state’s Equal Pay Law.

As part of this effort, employers must post a notice in a place accessible to their employees that states the following: “It is illegal in New Hampshire under both state and federal law to pay employees different wages for the same work based solely on sex. If you think that your employer has violated this provision, please contact the New Hampshire Department of Labor.

The New Hampshire Department of Labor has made the required poster available for download on its website.

Under the law, employers are prohibited from discriminating between employees on the basis of sex by paying employees of one sex at a rate less than the rate paid to employees of the other sex for equal work that requires equal skill, effort, and responsibility and is performed under similar working conditions.

The law does state specific exceptions, such as when payment is made under a seniority system or merit or performance-based system.


I hope that you find this brief compliance update helpful. Please contact CBG Benefits at 781-759-1222 for additional information.


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