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New Hampshire Social Media Privacy Law Takes Effect on September 30th

A new law in New Hampshire means that employers must review their policies regarding social media. Here's a brief overview from CBG Benefits.As of September 30th, 2014, New Hampshire employers must take note of a new law regarding their employees’ use of social media.

The law, which is designed to protect employee privacy, prohibits employers from taking actions such as:

  • Requesting or requiring that an employee or prospective employee disclose login information for accessing any personal account or service through an electronic communication device.
  • Compelling an employee or applicant to add anyone, including the employer or the employer’s agent, to a list of contacts associated with an account or require an employee or applicant to reduce the privacy settings associated with any account that would affect a third party’s ability to view the contents of the account.
  • Taking or threatening to take disciplinary action against any employee for such employee’s refusal to comply with a request or demand by the employer that violates these rules.

Click here to read the full text of the law >>

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