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Online Employee Benefits Portal: Enhancements to Capture PCP Information

As part of the value-added services that we provide to our clients, we have helped many of them to implement an online employee benefits portal.

This portal primarily enables employers to streamline their open enrollment and onboarding processes, while also acting as a centralized hub for employees to access educational materials about their benefits program throughout the year.

We are pleased to announce that a number of key enhancements were recently added to the portal to help our clients and their employees. Below, we will focus on upgrades that simplify the process of collecting Primary Care Provider (PCP) details during benefits enrollment.

Collecting PCP Information During Enrollment

Via the online employee benefits portal, it's now easier than ever for clients of CBG Benefits to manage whether their plans require a PCP designation.Our clients have always been able to use the benefits portal to collect Primary Care Provider (PCP) details. This was primarily needed for employees that were enrolling in HMO plans. However, these latest enhancements have made this process easier than ever for HR administrators and employees.

Via the “Plan Manager” interface, employers can now easily select the following:

  • Whether employees enrolling in the plan need to provide a PCP Name
  • Whether employees enrolling in the plan need to provide a PCP Number
  • Whether either of those fields need to be required

For clients that take advantage of this enhanced administrative feature, it’s important to note that there will be an adjustment for employees as to when they are prompted to enter their Primary Care Provider information.

That process will occur during the actual election of an HMO plan (or for any other medical plan that has those PCP fields turned on).

After clicking the “Elect” button, employees will see a pop-up window that prompts them for that data. A screenshot example is shown below:


Additional Information

We hope that you find this brief overview helpful. If you are currently using the online benefits portal and have any questions about how to put this feature to use, please contact our team.

If you are not currently a client of CBG Benefits, but would like to learn how you could take advantage of the value-added services and ongoing enhancements that we provide, please contact our team via email at info@CBGBenefits.com or by phone at 781-759-1222.

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