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Overcoming Opposition to Implement a Wellness Program

Do you need to overcome obstacles to implement a wellness program at your company?Are you looking to implement a wellness program at your business? If so, having the support of upper-level management can be a tremendous asset.

However, some HR Managers and Directors have found themselves in situations where they do not have support from the leadership team.

Here are 5 ways to deal with opposition in order to implement a successful wellness program:

  • Clearly Demonstrate the Value: For some companies, management may not initially see the connection between the company’s business plan and the wellness of their employees. Take the time to highlight the practical benefits that the company will reap when employees are fit physically and mentally. Use case studies and practical examples that demonstrate how a wellness program may lead to increased productivity and satisfaction.
  • Actively Listen: It’s important that you find ways to work well with management, even if they are strongly opposed. Seek out ways to establish an open dialogue regarding the wellness initiatives, and spend the majority of time listening to their concerns.
  • Be Willing to Adjust: During the listening period, you may uncover specific reasons why management is opposed. Perhaps they’ve seen failed programs in previous years or at another company. You may also find that they support specific areas of a wellness program more than others. Use this information to better structure and promote the initiatives that you choose to include in your program.
  • Use a Multi-Channel Approach: It’s important to recognize that those in a leadership position carry a lot of responsibility and may often have limited time. Thus, use multiple channels to reach them when it’s time to promote your wellness programs and initiatives. This may include distributing your content on the company’s intranet, via email, via an internal social network, via text message, and via print/mail.
  • Allow them Time to Adapt: While you certainly need to be a fervent believer in the power of a wellness program, it’s important that you do not allow your passion to harm your relationship with the management team. While their initial opposition may sting, give them time to see the value and benefits that will occur as your program is rolled out.

I hope that you find these tips helpful as you look for ways to successfully implement a wellness program at your business.

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