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Reducing Health Care Costs by Lowering Utilization

If it’s your job to find ways to reduce health care costs at your company, then you may not want to read the article that I tweeted out recently. In case you missed it, here it is:

Yes, as the article points out, a recent study found that more than two-thirds of emergency room visits for people under age 65 are avoidable.

As an employer, the results of that study lead to an important question — do you know the financial impact that avoidable ER visits are having on your company?

Digging Through Utilization Patterns

Before one can measure the financial impact, employers first need to analyze utilization of their current health care plans. However, many may not even know where to begin with acquiring that data, never mind actually making sense of the data.

But at CBG Benefits, we regularly help clients to more easily dig through available data to highlight patterns that are having an impact. One such area where we often focus on is the number of Emergency Room visits.

How do we do this? If you have a free moment, I encourage you to watch the presentation below:

In the presentation, we highlight examples of how your company can develop actionable strategies based on your healthcare utilization data. Yes, strategies that can ultimately reduce healthcare costs by lowering utilization.

How We Can Help You

Would you like to learn if your company can put its healthcare utilization data to use?

Please contact the CBG Benefits team at 781-759-1222 or via our online contact form.

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