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Reminder: Medicare Part D Notice Due By October 15th

Reminder from CBG Benefits: Medicare Part D Notices must be sent by October 15th.In the midst of dealing with tasks regarding benefits renewal, open enrollment, the Affordable Care Act, and other important to-do’s, it’s possible to overlook an upcoming deadline that you may need to address.

Yes, I wanted to briefly remind you of the October 15th deadline regarding Medicare Part D Notices.

Here are a few key points that may help you meet this compliance requirement:

  • Group health plan sponsors must provide a notice of creditable or non-creditable prescription drug coverage to Medicare Part D eligible individuals who are covered by, or who apply for, prescription drug coverage under the health plan.
  • This creditable coverage notice alerts the individuals as to whether or not their prescription drug coverage is at least as good as the Medicare Part D coverage.
  • The notice generally must be provided at various times, including when an individual enrolls in the plan and each year before Oct. 15 (when the Medicare annual open enrollment period begins).
  • Model Notices are available for download via the CMS.gov website.
  • Plan sponsors may send the notice electronically, as long as they meet electronic disclosure requirements.

Additional Help For You

I hope that you find this reminder and information helpful.

If you have any questions or need further support in meeting this requirement, please contact myself or a member of the CBG Benefits team at 781-759-1222.



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