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We truly believe that education and ease-of-use is paramount to the success of any benefits program. As a result, we have provided a number of resources to assist our clients and prospects.


Health Care Reform

Health care reform is having a major impact on businesses that provide Benefit Programs and Plans for their employees. While there is uncertainty around how some of the specific details in the Affordable Care Act will be implemented, employers must take action now to ensure that they are taking steps to remain in compliance.

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CBG Benefits regularly provides a variety of newsletter to keep our clients up to speed on important HR-related issues. We also allow give clients materials that they can use to distribute eNewsletters to their clients!We regularly distribute a variety of Newsletters that cover a variety of Benefits-related topics.

In addition to distributing a newsletter to our own subscribers, we also provide content that can be re-purposed by our clients.

Our customers are able to easily use those Newsletters in an effort to educate their own employees.

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Online Portals

CBG Benefits: We deliver online portals that enable you --- and your employees --- to access key resources and information whenever they need itWe recognize that employers and employees may access to benefits-related information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To assist in this endeavor, we provide a variety of online portals that are easy to use but yet packed with a tremendous amount of information.

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White Papers

To help ensure that our clients are up to speed on some of important topics and trends that effect their daily activities, we make available White Papers on a variety of subjects.

These may cover items such as Workplace Wellness, Health Care Reform, and more.

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