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Compliance Services and Resources

There are countless rules and regulations governing employee benefit plans, many of which are complex. The CBG Benefits  team will help you meet your compliance obligations and keep you up to date on laws and regulations that affect your employee benefits program.

CBG Benefits provides a variety of compliance-related documents to help our clients understand and stay within the law.Here are a few of the ways that we do this:

  • Legislative Briefs and Compliance Bulletins: Our easy-to-read articles summarize recent federal and state-level legislative developments in insurance and employee benefits.
  • Online Compliance Portals: You will have 24-7 access to an online compliance portal where you will find answers to questions regarding COBRA, FMLA, health care reform, HIPAA, Medicare Part D, Section 125, and more. You will also find the forms that you need to meet your everyday compliance needs.
  • Community Forums: Have a compliance-related question? Join an active, online community of your knowledgeable colleagues from the fields of Human Resources and Employee Benefits. Post your questions and share resources and information via the portal community’s interactive forum.
  • Dedicated Customer Support: Above all of the tools and technology that we provide our clients, you can count on the staff at CBG Benefits to provide the personal assistance that you need to meet your compliance requirements.

Specific Compliance-Related Issues That We Provide Help On

  • Employee Benefit Compliance Chart: Notice and Disclosure Rules: This is a must-have resource that provides a summary of basic federal notice and disclosure compliance requirements that apply to group health plans and/or employers under various employee benefits and employment laws.
  • Health Care Reform – Affordable Care Act (ACA): Health care reform should be a primary concern for nearly all employers. We help our clients stay on top of health care reform changes before they go into effect. We provide content that will educate both the employer and the employee, and we also provide model notices.
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA): We provide clients with the knowledge and forms that they need to administer FMLA within the law.
  • COBRA: While COBRA administration is a vital HR responsibility, it can also be very complex one. We provide a variety of educational materials including Flow Charts, Checklists, Reference Guides, and more to help employers and employees.
  • HIPAA/HIPAA Privacy and Security:  We help our clients understand the implications that HIPAA and HIPAA Privacy and Security regulations have on their business. We provide educational materials to assist both employers and employees.

Those are just a few of the compliance-related issues that we provide assistance to our clients on.

If you would like to learn more about how CBG Benefits can assist your organization with its compliance needs and questions, simply contact our team today.

How CBG Benefits Acts as your Compliance Partner

Click to watch a presentation that demonstrates how CBG Benefits provides services and tools to help your company with its compliance needs.In this brief presentation, we highlight some of the specific services and tools that CBG Benefits provides to help companies with their compliance needs.

This includes online portals, legislative briefs, videos, FAQs, news alerts, employee communications, and more.

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