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Video Presentations: Samples

Use Video Presentations to Improve Employee Communications

CBG Benefits can help you to achieve your goals regarding employee engagement and HR Communication through the use of video presentations. Would you like to see a video presentation in action? Click on some of the samples below!


Onboarding / New Hire:

During the onboarding process, it’s important to present content that makes new employees feel comfortable and equipped to become productive.

  • Deliver a consistent message to new hires across all locations
  • Incorporate a variety of elements to present a compelling message
  • Easily share key documents and materials to speed up the onboarding process

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Employee Benefit Program Education:

With video presentations, employers can help their employees to better understand new or existing benefit plan options.

  • Enable employees to visually understand concepts such as high-deductible plans (with HSAs, HRAs, etc.)
  • Highlight key features and benefits of voluntary options
  • Remind employees of key provisions from carriers that are often underutilized

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Corporate Policies / Compliance:

Employers can utilize video presentations to help educate employees about policies and other corporate communications.

  • Increase the impact of policy-related educational materials
  • Track participation by employees
  • Ensure compliance and minimize corporate risk

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Open Enrollment:

Video presentations can be a great way to educate and engage employees when it’s time for Open Enrollment.

  • Highlight Key Meeting Dates & Deadlines
  • Link to Forms and Documentation
  • Visually Explain New Plans and Options


Use video presentations to give a lift to your employee recruiting efforts.

  • Visually demonstrate your company’s brand, culture, mission, and vision
  • Feature interviews, quotes, and pictures from key employees
  • Highlight benefits of your building, working spaces, and nearby surroundings

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