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Claims Analysis

Our Claims Analysis tool enables us to turn health care data into bottom-line savings for you!

With this tool, we can show you how your group’s health care claims compare to industry and regional norms, to identify cost and utilization disparities. Our sophisticated analytics helps us dig deep into your real claims data, to isolate specific cost drivers that we can address with targeted solutions to help manage high health care costs.

Claims Analysis: Sample Reports from CBG Benefits

How This Benefits You

  • Benchmark your health and Rx claims data against national norms
  • Identify and analyze cost and utilization problem areas
  • Model potential plan design changes to see the impact
  • Ultimately develop targeted solutions for saving money on your health plan

This tool enables us to expose health care cost drivers, find the underlying causes and determine effective solutions.

The tool’s powerful querying module analyzes the critical components of your data in multiple ways to answer nearly any question you may have regarding your claims experience. These results will help you formulate focused strategies for reducing utilization and costs.

Alternative Plan Modeling

Claims Analysis: Alternative Plan Modeling service from CBG BenefitsThe Alternative Modeling feature of our Claims Analysis tool allows us to experiment with plan design alternatives to determine how a potential change will impact both your budget and your employees.

  • Once problem areas are identified, plan design changes can address those areas
  • Modeling lets you compare your current plan against alternative options
  • Experiment with different copays, deductibles, HSA plans and more
  • Find out how much money you can save and how much each change will impact your employees

Report Samples and More

One of the most powerful and beneficial aspects of our Claims Analysis tool are the reports and charts that it produces.

Click on the links below to view sample reports and a presentation that highlights our Ad Hoc Analysis service: