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Commuter Benefit Plans

Given the high cost of commuting, employers may wish to consider implementing a qualified transportation plan for their employees. Employers are permitted by Internal Revenue Code Section 132 to give certain transportation fringe benefits to employees on a tax-free basis. Such benefits include qualified parking, transit passes, transportation to and from work in a commuter highway vehicle and reimbursement of bicycle commuting expenses.

CBG Benefits helps employers implement programs that allow their employees to have certain commuter and expenses taken out of their paycheck on a pretax basis and deposited into an account.

Outline of Services That We Provide

  • Plan Documents: Whether it is a new plan or take-over, CBG Benefits will take the time necessary to consult with you to design the legal documents, integrate your existing plan, and bring your current plan into compliance.
  • Summary Plan Descriptions: After the Documents have been completed, CBG Benefits will design a customized summary plan description that will be distributed to eligible employees.
  • Employee Communications: We provide customized enrollment forms, set up and conduct employee meetings, and simplify the claims form process.
  •  On-Going Administration Services: We will help set up a daily claims administration process, which includes debit cards for each employee, and also an online employee portal for checking account statuses and balances.

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