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Employee Wellness Programs

Tips to help employers ensure that their employees achieve a key wellness goals: healthy eating.When it comes to the success of an employee benefits program, we truly believe that an effective Workplace Wellness Program is a key factor.

A Wellness Program can bring benefits to all parties involved. This includes:

  • Lowered health care utilization and costs
  • Healthier and more productive employees
  • Reduction in sick leave absenteeism
  • Improved employee morale and stronger employee retention

At CBG Benefits, we provide tools and services that enable companies to effectively design, implement, and measure Wellness Programs that meet the goals of the entire organization. Below are some of the specific areas that we can help your business.


Health Assessments, Feedback Gathering, and Analysis

One of the biggest mistakes made by companies today is that they roll out a Wellness Program that is not truly tailored to the needs of their employees.

Rather than taking a template-driven approach to Wellness, we will help you to reach out to employees to gather critical data and feedback. This is a critical step in identifying your employees’ health interests and risks.

We can do this in the form of interest surveys, health risk assessments, claims data analysis, and biometric testing.


Wellness Program Plan Design

We will design a Wellness Program that is truly tailored to the needs of your employees. We will choose programs and initiatives that make for a multi-dimensional plan that naturally encourages participation.

During the planning stages, we can also work with upper management to gain their support, as well in developing a Wellness Team inside of your organization.

Also, we can develop incentive programs and milestones that will result in increased health care savings.

Learn more about our Workplace Wellness Program Features >>


Plan Roll-Out and Implementation

The eventual success of a Wellness Program is often heavily determined by how it is introduced and presented to employees. To ensure that this step is successful for your business, CBG Benefits can provide a variety of resources. This includes Video Presentations, flyers and posters, Sign-up instructions, program descriptions, and more.

We will provide content and tools that educate employees and that also encourage and increase participation.


White Paper Download: Resources for You

White Paper from CBG Benefits: Workplace Wellness - Low-Cost Resources for Small BusinessesDownload a copy of our free White Paper today, “Workplace Wellness: Low-Cost Resources for Small Businesses.”

The White Paper is packed with links, ideas, and other practical resources that your company can utilize to achieve its wellness-related goals.

While it is geared towards helping small businesses, the the resources listed can truly bring benefits to anyone that needs to implement or improve a workplace-wellness program.

Download the White Paper here >>


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