CBG Benefits, a Division of Risk Strategies

Online Portals for Employees

CBG Benefits works closely with its clients to develop, implement, and maintain easy-to-use online employee benefits portals.

These portals enable employers to deliver HR and Benefits-related information in a centralized and convenient location for their employees to access. The portals are customized for each client to ensure that the content and interface is truly tailored towards the needs of their employees.

Employee-Facing Portal Features

  • Customization of portal interface and menu options
  • Self-service access for employees
  • Centralized location of company and employee communications including benefits plan information, employee handbooks, HR forms, employee directories, training materials, policies, and more
  • Online enrollment for employee benefits
  • Time-off approval, tracking and reporting capabilities
  • Administrative access for Human Resources includes pre-defined and ad-hoc reporting options
  • Mobile capabilities allows employees to access important information anytime, anywhere

Create a Dynamic, Informative Welcome Page

CBG Benefits helps its clients to develop, implement, and promote online employee benefits portals that truly deliver value to their workforce and their organization.

Delivering targeted employee communications is easy with a customizable home page that includes:

  • Home page welcome message and seasonal announcements
  • Links to employer-recommended Web resources
  • Scheduled employee communication campaigns
  • Quick view of upcoming time off and time remaining, personalized to the user
  • Embedded video presentations
  • Links to electronic versions of plan materials

Provide Access to Key Company Information

Educate and assist employees on company-specific information including:

  • Employee directory
  • Departmental contacts
  • Holiday and event listing
  • Mission statement and vision
  • Company history

CBG Benefits enables its clients to easily roll out Employee-facing Portals. Employers can provide up-to-date Company information, including About messages, Holidays, Events, and more.


Empower Employees to Access and Enter Information

CBG Benefits enables its clients to easily launch an Employee-facing portal. Individuals can log-in at any time to view, enter, end edit key information, including Time-off requests, personal information, benefit elections, and more.

Employees can use this portal to manage personal information. They have the ability to:

  • Add, review or update personal information
  • Manage time-off requests and view a summary by type, such as vacation, personal or sick day
  • Update life event changes such as beneficiary, dependent or marital status information
  • Manage and review benefit elections
  • View both current and future personal elections throughout the year

Make Benefit Plans Information Easily Accessible

Bundle everything employees want to know about their benefit plans in one secure location. Employees can obtain detailed plan information and important contact information for their relevant carriers. They also have the ability to:

  • View plan design information including rates and eligibility
  • Access Summary Plan Descriptions
  • Compare plan benefits
  • Obtain plan forms
  • View carrier contact information
  • Access Frequently Asked Questions

CBG Benefits enables its clients to easily launch an employee-facing portal. Individuals can log-in at any time to view everything they need to know about their Benefit plans.


Mobile Access to Employee Portals

Screenshot of the Mobile version of the Employee Portal provided by CBG Benefits - Employees can easily access key information from their smartphones and tablets.

There is no doubt that mobile devices have become an integral part of day-to-day life. Employees have everyday HR questions and needs – and not just when they’re in front of a computer.

Our online Employee Portals are mobile-optimized. This means that your employees can access important HR information and tasks from their smartphones and tablets.

While they are on-the-go, employees have access to:

  • A searchable employee directory
  • Time-off tracking
  • Benefit plan summaries and election information

An Employee Portal Saves You Time and Money

These are just a few of the great features that our Employee-facing portal provides your company.

This type of portal will eliminate the need for distributing bulky and costly company materials, and instead enable you to provide real-time access to information that employees will actually read.

For more information on how you can utilize our employee-facing portals, please contact our team today.