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Program Audit and Analysis

At CBG Benefits, we work closely with our clients to develop long-term strategies, apply creative approaches to reach goals, and negotiate fervently for the right products at the best price.

The first step in achieving success is to perform a thorough assessment of the existing benefit programs.

Benefits Opportunity Assessment & Analysis

Claims Analysis: Alternative Plan Modeling service from CBG BenefitsHere are a few highlights of this solution:

  • It is a complimentary service that accompanies any initial consultation with our firm.
  • It includes a thorough examination of your benefit plans to identify key cost-drivers.
  • We analyze quantitative data such as benefit costs per employee and turnover rate as well as qualitative factors like employee satisfaction and understanding of benefits.

In the process, we utilize a variety of data sources and tools to properly develop an appropriate analysis. In addition to our own proprietary analytical criteria and the client’s internal requirements, we use tools such as:

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