CBG Benefits

HR Solutions

At CBG Benefits, we strive to act as an extension of your Human Resources department. In addition to providing support for your employee benefits program, we also help you improve employee communications, reduce administrative paperwork, and attract & retain top talent. Below are some of the solutions we provide in those areas:


Online Portals for Employers and Employees

CBG Benefits offers company-wide and employee-specific web portals to our clients. These portals provide workflow efficiency improvements and process enhancements that positively impact the bottom line.

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Employee Communication Services

We view employee communication as paramount to successful benefits and HR programs. To support that need, we provide a variety of services, tools, and content to engage, educate, and inform employees.

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Payroll and HRIS Solutions

We have developed strategic partnerships with a variety of HRIS and payroll system providers. We will work hand-in-hand with your company to help you select and implement the solution that best meets your needs.


Employee Handbooks

To help companies maintain compliance and build their culture, we provide resources and guidance regarding Employee Handbooks. This includes providing sample policies, design and layout support, and more.

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Private Equity Group Programs

CBG Benefits has designed a unique, integrated program for Private Equity and Venture Capital firms, combining Payroll, Benefits, and Administration into a single solution designed to reduce the annual cost of a given employee’s benefits by $2000.

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Open Enrollment Support

CBG Benefits offers several services and leverages a number of technologies to help our customers conduct successful open enrollment periods.

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Health Care Advocacy

In the world of consumer-driven health care, employees are encouraged to make wise health care decisions and get the most for their money. Health Advocate services can ensure that employees and employers are properly protected and guided through this course.

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Benchmarking Reports

Would you like to know how your benefits program compares to other companies?

CBG Benefits provides benchmarking tools that enable you to see how your offering fares against other programs based on a variety of criteria.

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HR Compliance

To help our clients deal understand and meet compliance requirements regarding ERISA, HIPAA, COBRA, the Affordable Care Act, and other key regulations, we provide a variety of resources and services.

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