CBG Benefits, a Division of Risk Strategies

HR and Employee Communications: Newsletters

To help its clients achieve their goals in HR and Employee Communications, CBG Benefits provides customizable newsletters that cover trends and issues related to employee benefits, compliance, and other key HR topics.

CBG Benefits regularly provides a variety of newsletter to keep our clients up to speed on important HR-related issues. We also allow give clients materials that they can use to distribute eNewsletters to their clients!We also provide our clients with newsletters that they can send out to their own employees. These include topics such as:

  • Know Your Employee Benefits: This series of articles seeks to educate employees about how to make the most of their benefits and be a smarter health care consumer. The content includes FAQs, it explains plan types, provides tips for using FSAs/HSAs/HRAs, and provides general tips on a variety of benefits topics.
  • Health Care Reform: These educational materials can be used to educate your employees on the impact that health care reform has on them.
  • Live Well, Work Well: This newsletter series provides employees with practical information, tips, and motivation to help them achieve their fitness-related goals.

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