CBG Benefits

Employee Self-Service Tools

Employee turnover comes with costs — recruiting costs, training costs and the loss in employee productivity. Building employee satisfaction helps you to minimize these.

One of the best ways to enhance employee loyalty is to provide your workforce with easy-to-use, self-service tools that make it convenient for them to receive personalized support along with the ability to review and manage their benefits.

How Our Self-Service Tools Help Your Employees

By implementing one of our self-service platforms, your employees will be able to:
CBG Benefits provides online portals to our clients that enable both employers and employees to access important benefits-related information whenever they need it.

  • Make online inquiries and receive instant responses concerning their benefits, company policies and other employment-related information
  • Select and change benefit elections whether they’re at work or at home online or over the phone
  • Access benefit plan comparisons
  • Initiate life event changes and update other personal information
  • Generate a comprehensive benefits enrollment summary that reflects their current benefit elections — and their value
  • Participate with greater convenience in benefit program open enrollments
  • Access a benefits answer line for questions about benefits

The Connection Between Self-Service and Satisfaction

When employees are more informed about their benefits and other company information, the more satisfied they are with the value of those benefits and their role within the organization.

Consequently, as employee satisfaction goes up, turnover rates go down.

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