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Payroll Systems

CBG Benefits has developed strategic partnerships with a variety of payroll system providers. We will work hand-in-hand with your company to help you select and implement the solution that best meets your needs.

Depending on the size of your company, your goals, and your current infrastructure, we will ensure that your payroll system delivers the results that your business deserves.

Online, Cloud-Based or Hosted Solutions

We have partnered with several leading providers of online, cloud-based payroll systems. Through these solutions, you retain control in real-time, over a secure environment. Also, the interface is seamless and ensures timely and accurate deductions.

We also have partnerships with many of the industry-leading providers of hosted solutions.

Managerial Access to and Control of Employee Data

Managers who use automated processes to manage tasks and increase productivity spend more time helping you build your business. For example, managers can easily:

  • Conduct performance reviews, approve employee vacation requests and disseminate other vital information with more speed and less paper
  • Offload repetitive tasks such as data re-keying – freeing time to perform more vital tasks that support your core business mission

Built-in Regulatory Compliance Mechanisms

Complying with regulatory guidelines is a challenge for every business; utilizing compliant business solutions is the best way to reduce risk and exposure.

  • Fair and consistent application of employment rules – from performance reviews and FMLA leave management to EEO and HIPAA regulations
  • Real-time access to accurate data to shape well-focused management reports
  • Secure storage of HR records – employees’ personal information is protected by a high level of system-wide security

Flexibility and Seamless Integration

We will ensure that you have a system that adapts to the changes in your organization. We do this by setting you up with a dedicated service team that is supported by a robust, single-point functionality driven by a dynamic rules engine – allowing you to control the data you share within your organization, or manage all or some HR functions at a centralized office or remote locations.

You retain control through real-time, hosted, Internet access – and a seamless interface with payroll ensures timely and accurate deductions.

Special Pricing and Discounts

Through our status as a preferred partner of many payroll system solutions, our clients have the opportunity to receive special pricing and discounts.

Whether you are a startup company, or an established one that is looking to upgrade its payroll system, we will help you achieve your goals with minimal impact to your bottom-line.

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