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Answering an Employee’s Questions about COBRA

Even though COBRA was established nearly 30 years ago, it still generates many questions for those that work in Human Resources. I took a quick peek at the online Community Forum in our CBGconnect portal recently, and came across variety of COBRA-related questions in just the past two weeks. The topics ranged from registering as […]

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Answering Employee Questions: Health Care Reform and W-2’s

As employees start to pay attention to their W-2 forms this year, they may notice a new line item that will generate questions for the Human Resources department. That new line is the total cost of employer-sponsored group health plan coverage. The requirement to display that figure comes from health care reform laws. To help […]

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What Obama’s Re-election Means For Health Care Reform

After months and months (and months!) of seeing election-related advertisements, I must say that it’s nice to have a bit of a break right now from them. However, now that the Presidential election has passed, we must take a look at a very important subject — Health Care Reform. At CBG Benefits, we are always […]

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