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Two Important Statistics on Employee Benefits, Recruiting, and Retention

Are your employees -- both current and prospective --- satisfied with the employee benefits plan offered by your company?Is your company seeking to improve its efforts when it comes to employee recruitment and retention? If so, the results of a new survey from Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) may cause you to take a deeper look at one specific area — your employee benefits program.

Here were two of the key statistics from the EBRI survey that caught our attention:

  • 78 percent said that the employee benefits package is very or extremely important in their decision to accept or reject a job


  • 31 percent are only somewhat satisfied with the benefits offered by their current employer; 26 percent are not satisfied

Is Your Company’s Benefit Plan Helping or Hurting?

To assess whether your company’s benefit plan options are helping or hurting your retention or recruitment efforts, I encourage you to give our team a call. There are a number of ways that we can help you answer that question, including:

Based on the results of those and other data sources, we can help you to strategically improve your benefits plan in a way that will help your employees and the organization as a whole.

Please contact our team at 877-332-6387 to learn more!


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