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Three Keys to Introducing Vision Insurance as an Employee Benefit

Is your company considering adding a vision insurance plan to its employee benefits program? Or, if you have one that is not being utilized, are you looking for ways to change that?

A recent article from BenefitsPro discussed the value of vision insurance as part of an employee benefits program. I am quite grateful that a few of my thoughts on that subject were included in the article.

Specifically, I had the opportunity to comment on steps companies can take to successfully implement a vision insurance plan. Here are three of the keys:

  • Measure interest: One way that Human Resources departments can measure potential interest among their workforce is through employee surveys.
  • Be committed to employee education: When rolling out a vision insurance plan for the first time, or to a group of employees that haven’t recently taken advantage of it, you must clearly communicate the features and benefits of the plan. In addition to the plan summary details and costs, employers should provide supporting information that connects vision care with the overall health of an employee and their family.
  • Set expectations: Depending on the plan selected, employers should be careful not to oversell what’s available to employees. If there are limits on brands, retail costs, usage, etc., it’s important that employees truly know what they’re getting into, as opposed to dealing with disappointment from them or their families down the road.

I hope that you find those tips helpful! If you would like to learn how we could help you to analyze or improve your employee benefit programs, I encourage you to give me a call at 781-759-1222, ext. 100. I look forward to chatting with you!

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