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Three Ways to Encourage Your Employees at Year-End

Three Ways to Encourage Your Employees at Year-End: Tips from CBG BenefitsAs we approach the final days of 2012, employers and employees will soon exchange parting words as they take some time off over the holiday season. While these breaks certainly can be refreshing, it’s important to remain motivated as we look forward to a successful 2013.

While some may seek to do this by providing an office party or a year-end bonus, there are additional ways employers can do a positive impact on their employees.

  • Be Specific When Highlighting Accomplishments from the Year: Employers may often send or express notes of thanks for everyone’s hard work during the past 12 months. One way to truly increase the effect of those messages is to specifically bring out initiatives and goals that employees may have accomplished. Putting in the time to develop and share this list will reap benefits, as employees will recognize that their efforts truly made a difference throughout the organization.
  • In Uncertain Times, Be Positive As Your Company Looks Forward: Being optimistic about what will happen in 2013 is easier said than done for many employers. Uncertainty over the future of their industry, over legislative items such as health care reform, or over the general health of the economy may certainly cause some to have a wary, cautious approach. While that may be wise, it’s also important that your employees believe that your company will succeed. Take the time to reinforce the strengths of your company as it seeks to tackle new opportunities in the months to come.
  • Take a moment to get personal: For many companies, 2012 was a year that employees from top to bottom worked harder than ever. As the saying goes, many “noses were to the grindstone” as companies were forced to do more with less. As a result, this may have created separation between employees and employers. Before you leave the office, make sure to spend some time with employees on a personal level. Simple questions and conversations regarding vacation plans, families, etc., can help to strengthen the bonds between all levels of your organization.

I hope that you find these tips helpful as you seek to ensure your company has a successful 2013!

And of course, please keep CBG Benefits in mind as you look for ways to improve employee engagement all year-round.


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