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Three Ways to Improve Your Employee Handbook

Learn how to increase the positive impact of your employee handbook with these three tips from CBG Benefits.Does your company have an employee handbook? If so, I’d like you to think about how it is viewed by your workforce.

Is it a document full of policies that has not left their desk drawer since the day they received it? Or is it something that truly guides them as they seek to positively contribute to the company’s culture?

To help ensure that your employee handbook falls into the latter category, it’s important to follow a few best practices. Here are 3 ways to go beyond creating a handbook, having it reviewed by legal counsel, and then distributing it.

  • Review it Annually: When it comes to the worlds of technology and communication, things are changing quickly. For example, employers now need to be concerned with an employee’s use of mobile devices and social media.

    To ensure that your handbook is up-to-date in reflecting the times we live in, it’s important to regularly review its contents. If you do need to make significant changes to it, make sure to have employees sign an acknowledgement.

  • Be Clear with Your Terms and Definitions: While the content within the handbook may certainly generate questions from employees, employers can limit the manual effort required by using clear, simple language throughout the handbook. In addition to making the policies easier to understand, this will also give employers the flexibility to more make changes down the line to the handbook’s contents.

    However, it’s also a good idea to define terms that may generate questions, such as “excessive tardiness” or “insubordination”.

  • Communicate Throughout the Year: There is often a tremendous amount of time and energy put in to the creation of an employee handbook. But employers should be sure to communicate with employees about its contents even after the handbook has been distributed. This can be done by including related materials in a newsletter or on the company intranet, or perhaps by posting fliers in common areas inside the office.

    That type of effort will ensure that the handbook becomes a document that is truly relevant to the employee, as they look to it to guide their actions.

I hope that you find these best practices helpful! When it’s done right, an employee handbook can truly inspire your employees and improve productivity.

If you have any questions about how to improve your employee handbook, or if you’re starting from scratch and creating one for the first time, contact CBG Benefits to learn how our team can help.

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