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Tips for Finding Employees That Will Fit Your Company’s Culture

Chris Costello of CBG Benefits recently contributed tips in a PeopleG2 article to help companies improve hire employees that will fit their company's culture.According to a study by the Department of Economics at the University of Warwick, happy workers are 12 percent more productive than the average worker. On the other hand, actively disengaged employees cost businesses more than $450 billion each year.

As a result, organizations are looking for ways to ensure that the employees they hire will fit into the company’s culture.

Chris Costello, Principal and Founder of CBG Benefits, recently shared a few practical tips on how companies can do that successfully. Chris provided insight on how organizations can modify their interviewing process to ensure that “culture fit” plays a significant role in the questions that are asked to prospective employees.

These tips were published in a new article by PeopleG2, entitled “Cultural Fit: What Every Company Wants“.

It includes a variety of tips across areas such as:

  • Modifying your Job Descriptions
  • Building a library of interview questions that are related to your company’s culture
  • Introducing them to other employees during the interview
  • And more…

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