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[Video] Helping Employees Feel Engaged and Empowered

Learn strategies for improving your employee engagement efforts in this video --- via CBG Benefits.

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When it comes to employee engagement, we often talk about the role that Human Resources departments play. But the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) can also make significant contributions in that area as well.

The video below features Dalynn Hoch, Chief Financial Officer for Zurich. We are quite thankful to the folks at CFO.com for publishing it. In just 5 minutes, the video provides insight and very practical strategies for helping your employees feel engaged and empowered.

Here are two of our favorite quotes from the video:

  • “Employees need to be proud. They need to be attached to the mission, that strategic direction of your organization.”
  • Speaking of transformation: “You have to go through a process where you grab the hearts and the minds… do it in a way that they see the outcome, they see the vision, and they want to be a part of it.”

We hope that you find that video helpful as you seek to improve employee engagement at your business!

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